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Lantah's mission is to build a better future. Lantah's technology it’s means to achieve it's mission. It is our priority to use such technology and investment to accelerate the advent of a post-scarcity economy, conserve wildlife, and reduce suffering.

Lantah will be subsidized by Grams supplied by The Centurial Fund, a century-long escrow that is divided into equal payments of 9Gg, and any unspent funds are moved to the back of the line to extend the term. Lantah uses these payments for various purposes, including funding development, maintenance, support, venture-capital, investment in science, conservation, charity, or even establishment of prizes and bounties to solve humanities great problems and push our limits further towards greatness.  

Below are the ledger addresses holding Lantah's funds and how those funds will contribute to Lantah’s mission. Anyone can observe our progress towards our goals, more or less in real time, using the links provided. Wallet addresses will be funded and made public upon official main-net release of Gravity and the Gram token. 


The Centurial Fund 900Gg

Initial Balance: 900,000,000,000g

Current Balance: 900,000,000,000g

2023 Centurial Escrow 0g

2023 Centurial Escrow

Initial Balance: 0g

Current Balance: 0g

The Centurial Escrow wallet is where Lantah receives it's annual payment. Funds from this account are used to promote Lantah's mission. They are general purpose and to be used at Lantah's discretion, or transferred to other accounts to fulfill a specific purpose.


Development 50Gg

Direct Development

Initial Balance: 50,000,000,000g

Current Balance: 50,000,000,000g

Lantah uses Grams from the development fund to directly build, maintain, and advocate the for the Lantah network.

Primary functions are to:

- lead further development of Gravity and the Lantah Network as a whole

- formulate policy around Lantah and blockchain in general

- incubate the network’s technology and business ecosystems

Lantah will sell it's Grams using public exchanges and through direct sales or partnerships. The cash we generate pays for employee salaries, rent, overhead, travel, and server costs.

In addition to cash salaries, all Lantah employees also receive gram-denominated grants drawn from this fund as well.


Ecosystem 25Gg

Network Support

Initial Balance: 5,000,000,000g

Current Balance: 5,000,000,000g


To encourage the growth of the Lantah Network, it must be a desirable place to build. Lantah provides financial support to teams, outside developers, and other projects that are independently strengthening the Lantah ecosystem.

Anyone can submit a proposal by following the steps outlined on this application page. Periodically, the Lantah Grants Committee will evaluate applications, and follow up with those that meet current standards and fulfill current ecosystem needs.


Network Investment

Initial Balance: 10,000,000,000g

Current Balance: 10,000,000,000g


Distributions could be through various means including off-set fees incurred by the user or by the project, airdrops, competitions, or in other creative ways. The goal is to put more Grams into the hands of real users. The fund may also be used to provide marketing, PR, and communications for Lantah itself and for the projects building on the Lantah Network. Lantah will source its own candidates for the Network Investment Fund.


Public Benefit

Initial Balance: 10,000,000,000g

Current Balance: 10,000,000,000g

Ten percent of the Lantah's initial seed budget is set aside for direct investment in science, conservation, and charity. Lantah may directly conduct scientific research and development, humanitarian efforts, conservation programs, and other causes which fall in-line with Lantah's mission, or it may issue grants for other organizations to do the same.

Anyone can submit a proposal by following the steps outlined on this application page. Periodically, the Lantah Grants Committee will evaluate applications, and follow up with those that meet current standards and fulfill current public needs.

Enterprise Fund 25Gg

Enterprise Fund

Initial Balance: 25,000,000,000g

Current Balance: 25,000,000,000g

On occasion, Lantah will create or acquire businesses and products to fill gaps we perceive in the ecosystem. The Enterprise Fund is a venture-style fund for growing the network and will not be distributed as grants. They will be used to invest in, acquire, or start businesses that have potential for the Lantah ecosystem.

Any proceeds from investments will be cycled back into Lantah. Grams might be directly invested into projects or Grams might be sold for currency to invest. Lantah will sources its own candidates, there is no public application for the Enterprise Fund.

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