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Empower Innovation

Partner with Lantah
for a Decentralized Future.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized commerce! Whether you're a business, organization, or developer, partnering with Lantah can unlock new possibilities.

We offer grants to support those building innovative solutions on the Lantah Network. Whether it's decentralized applications, enhancing protocols, or creating cutting-edge tools, Lantah can fuel your project. 

Developer Fuel

How to Apply:
Use the form below to provide a comprehensive proposal detailing your project's objectives, its technical architecture, and how it will advance the Lantah Network ecosystem. Outline your development timeline, expected milestones, and the resources you require to succeed. Our committee will review submissions based on innovation, technical feasibility, and their potential to enhance the network’s ecosystem.

The Lantah Impact Accelerator program drives measurable results by funding projects across diverse fields, from groundbreaking technologies to wildlife conservation. Our goal is to amplify innovative solutions that align with Lantah's mission and can create tangible results. We support initiatives that challenge the status quo, pioneering new approaches to global problems.

Impact Accelerator

How to Apply:
Use the form below to submit your proposal detailing your project's deliverables, timeline, budget, and it's potential for positive and measurable impact. Our committee will review submissions based on alignment, feasibility, and the ability to achieve significant results. Projects must avoid being political, exclusionary, exploitative, harmful, violent, illegal, incompatible with core values, unfeasible, duplicative, or unethical in nature..

Developer Grants
Benefit Grants
Partnerships & Sales

Direct sales are currently available through a limited Reg D 506(c) offering to accredited U.S. investors only. Purchasers must pass Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and other compliance requirements. Additional limitations apply. To learn more, contact us directly or consult with your financial advisor. Please note that Lantah does not provide financial, legal, or investment advice.

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