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Lantah Leadership

Daniel Jeffery is a pioneering force in blockchain technology and decentralized networks, dedicated to leveraging these innovations for social change and individual empowerment. With nearly a decade of expertise in blockchain development and network engineering, Daniel founded Lantah to build a more equitable and efficient global economy. His visionary leadership drives Lantah’s mission to integrate advanced technology with sustainable development, positioning the company at the forefront of the decentralized commerce revolution.

Daniel Jeffery

Executive Director, Chairman

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Chris Carrigee is an accomplished C-suite executive and entrepreneur with a profound expertise in ERP and CRM software. As the President of AI Advisors and a Board Member of Blockchain Advisors, LLC, Chris has spearheaded over 200 system conversions, demonstrating his mastery in business processes and technological integration. His entrepreneurial success with Advanced Business Systems, LLC, which achieved global recognition, highlights his strategic acumen and commitment to driving innovation.

Chris Carrigee, PE, CPA

Executive VP of Business Development and Innovation 

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Moses de Los Santos is a strategic mastermind in global alliances and channel partnerships, with a robust background in Fintech, ERP, and SaaS solutions. His leadership has been pivotal in driving significant revenue growth and forging high-impact partnerships with industry giants such as SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. At Sovos and other leading tech firms, Moses has consistently demonstrated his ability to absorb complex technologies and deliver exceptional market results, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier SaaS professional.

Moses de los Santos

Senior VP of Alliances and Partnerships

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Lorraine Kauffman-Hall is the Managing Partner of Attain Marketing, with nearly 20 years of management, marketing, and PR experience. She has worked with both start-up and Fortune 1000 companies, providing strategic consulting and guiding long-term vision. Lorraine’s expertise in public relations and marketing has been instrumental in establishing thought leadership and launching successful campaigns. Her contributions have been recognized with multiple awards, including being named a "High Flying Woman in Business" by Aspioneer Magazine. Lorraine’s strategic and tactical skills in corporate communications ensure clear, consistent, and effective messaging for Lantah.

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall

Vice President of Corporate Communications

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Fred Jeffery is a visionary leader in business management and innovation, with over a decade of experience in overseeing operations, production, and sales. His strategic insights have been instrumental in driving growth and innovation across various industries. As Lantah’s Grants Committee Chairman, he ensures the strategic allocation of funds to support groundbreaking projects that align with Lantah’s mission, fostering a thriving ecosystem of technological and social advancements. Fred brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles in enterprise technology and solutions engineering, where he honed his skills in strategic sales development and operational excellence. And yes, he's also proud to be the father of Daniel, whom he jokingly claims inherited at least half of his brilliance!

Fred Jeffery

Chairman - Lantah Grants Committee

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Brent Loggins is a seasoned executive with over 38 years of expertise in global customer experience management. Known for his transformative approach, Brent has successfully designed and implemented customer experience initiatives for major corporations worldwide, driving substantial improvements in ROI, customer satisfaction, and retention. His leadership roles at TTEC, Teleperformance, iQor, and Alorica underscore his ability to innovate and excel in omni-channel customer service delivery, making him a sought-after expert among top-tier brands. As a Senior Advisor at Lantah, Brent provides strategic guidance and insights, leveraging his vast experience to support the company’s mission and growth.

Brent Loggins

Executive Advisor

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Johnnie Hernandez is a renowned global innovator, speaker, and executive mentor with over 27 years of experience in retail leadership. As the founder and CEO of Living with Purpose LLC, Johnnie transforms leaders and businesses by developing innovative operating models and inspiring teams. His extensive background includes delivering breakthrough retail strategies and managing large-scale initiatives at Best Buy, where he played a crucial role in growing the company into a $50 billion multinational giant. Johnnie’s commitment to customer experience, omni-channel execution, and corporate culture makes him an invaluable advisor to Lantah.

Johnnie Hernandez

Strategic Advisor

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