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Lantah Pending Entity Status Change

Lantah was established on 06/12/2017 as "Lantah LLC", FL Docket Number L17000128048 While this designation as LLC has served Lantah well until now, Lantah must evolve in order to accomplish it's mission. Lantah has recently completed and submitted Articles of Conversion and an associated Articles of Incorporation with the FL Department of State, to change from Lantah LLC to Lantah Co. This Co designation is important, as it allows Lantah to elect Benefit Corporation status under FL ss. 607.601-607.613. With this filing Lantah LLC will not cease to exist or be dissolved, but rather will be converted into the Benefit Corporation "Lantah Co". Lantah has pledged 100% of it's profits to benefit the public. Benefit Corporation status will allow Lantah the freedoms and legal protections it needs to fulfill it's mission. As per notice on the FL DOS Division of corporations website, the Florida Department of State is "...implementing critical investments to our systems and processes which will improve efficiency and security for Florida businesses. At this time, due to the high volume of filing activity in conjunction with the implementation of these upgrades there will be a delay in processing." Processing delays for Articles of Conversion filings at the time Lantah's paperwork was submitted were approximately 2.5 months. Extending this same delay forward, we anticipate Lantah LLC will become Lantah Co December 2022, or January 2023. As Lantah is currently an LLC at the time of this writing, and for lack of a better term, Lantah will be using the wording "Public-Benefit Organization" or "Benefit Organization" until our filing is completed by the FL DOS and is publicly available on the FL DOS website and Lantah officially becomes a "Benefit Corporation" under FL ss. 607.601-607.613. The terms "Public-Benefit Organization" or "Benefit Organization" should not be confused with non-profit. Lantah is not a non-profit foundation or a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organization and we don't have plans to seek tax exempt status from the IRS.

A copy of Lantah's pending Articles of Conversion and the associated Articles of Incorporation is available below in PDF format.

Download PDF • 3.27MB

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