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Please visit this news page to view upcoming press releases and news about Lantah as it develops.

Media fast facts


•             Founded in 2017, Lantah was founded by young entrepreneur Daniel Jeffery, backed by a team made up of all-star veterans with years of experience in business, sales, supply chain, product development and marketing.

•             The Lantah Borderless Marketplace will connect producers from all industries to their customers and establish a means for facilitating crypto-commerce transactions, standardizing it among businesses and consumers.

•             Leveraging the power, security and simplicity of blockchain technology, Lantah will make it easy for businesses to transact on the platform by accepting traditional (fiat) currencies. Anyone can enter the Lantah Borderless Marketplace using currency they already have.

•             We open the doors to a new base of buyers and sellers that will unleash the true power of eCommerce, because it removes previous barriers due to geographical supply-chain issues, currency restrictions and other third party deterrents.


Please contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall at 980-237-7081 or mobile: 704-819-9070  or for media inquiries.

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