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Pioneering a new era
of web3 commerce

The Lantah Network is designed to enhance global commerce by facilitating smoother, more efficient, and cost effective transactions than legacy systems. It provides a foundation for all to build and connect, including tools for anchors and tokenization.

By providing a reliable and scalable platform, the Lantah Network aims to bridge real-world commerce to web3 and facilitate a more connected and equitable global marketplace.

building bridges for a decentralized economy


Gram is the native token on the Lantah Network.

Enabling highly scalable, almost instant,

and nearly-free borderless transactions.


Explore the Ecosystem

Explore theEcosystem

The powerhouse that keeps the Lantah Network moving.

It's the core blockchain software that maintains consensus.


The interface that connects applications to Gravity.

It provides developers with a powerful tool to build applications and services on top of the Lantah Network.



A suite of tools to help one learn, explore, and use the Lantah Network.

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